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ITM and IUG meetings 2013, Munich

by Jan Karlshøj last modified May 13, 2014 12:08 AM
The International Technical Management Committee (ITM) and International User Group (IUG) meet in Munich, October 2013. The Infra Room, Process Room and Product Room had their own sessions in Munich.


International meetings were held the Technical University in Munich.

International meetings and an international
conference where held at Munich University of Applied Sciences.


International meetings were held the Nemetscheck's Office in Munich.


International meetings were held the Autodesk's Office in Munich.


ITM Plenary meeting

International Technical Management Committee (ITM) Plenary meeting.

IUG Plenary meeting

International User Group (IUG) Plenary meeting.

Infra Room Meeting

Infra Room is focusing enabling data interoperability during the life cycle of infrastructure facilities e.g. road bridges, railways, waterways and supply system.

Process Room meeting

Process Room is focusing in process and data flow in during the lifecycle of construction facilities. Specific areas of interest are Information Delivery Manuals (IDM) and BIM Guidelines.
Product Room meeting

Product Room is focussing on the buildingSMART Data Dictionary that can be used to define definitions that can be used in product libraries and to enable exchange data according to well-defined terms.
Technical Room meeting

Meeting in the International Technical Management Committee (ITM).


Resolutions made at technical and user meetings.