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Infra Room Meeting

by Jan Karlshøj last modified May 06, 2015 09:31 PM
Infra Room
                    Title               PresenterPresentation
Standard Process Project, P6    Alignment buildingSMART International Standard Process P6.jpg
Project categories and management buildingSMART International Project categories.jpg

Development of Infra Room work plan

buildingSMART International Development of infra room.jpg
Communication and Infra Room Organization Commucation and infraroom.jpg
Infra Room Resolutions Infracom - CCA,HSC, JPL,HYK Infra Room resolutions toron.jpg
Project & Activity Descriptions

Development IfcRoad KICT

Hyounseok Moon Development of IFc toron.jpg
EURODICTI Christophe Castaing EURODICTI.jpg
Japan Chapter Activities Nobuyoshi Yabukib Japan chapter toron.jpg
Level Of Decision Project Charles Edouard Tolmer & Christophe Castaing Level of decision Toron.jpg
Precinct Information Modelling Jim Plume Precint toron.jpg
The Way Forward For Infra Room bSI Benno Koehorst The way forward.jpg
Transforming Spatial Data BIM&GIS Hyunjoo Kim Transforming Toron.jpg
US Chapter Activities Stuart Chen US chapter toron.jpg
V-Con Project Summary From Web V-con toron.jpg
Proposals & New Work Items
Infra Room Discussion Issue Andre Borrmann Infra room discussion Toron.jpg
Integration BIM & GIS Jim Plume Integration toron.jpg
IFC Alignment Pilot Project Henk Schaap IFC Toron.jpg
IfcROADS Eric Lebeque IFCRoads toron.jpg
Ifc Swept Area Solid Hugh Woods ifc swept.jpg
Infra Asset Management Henk Schaap Infra asset.jpg
Upcoming events
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