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by Jan Karlshøj last modified Nov 05, 2012 08:28 PM
The Product Room within buildingSMART International supports professionals in the construction industry who are using digital information, prototypes and models to support the planning, design, construction, occupation, and maintenance of facilities. buildingSMART is offering the Product Room along with its counterpart, the Process Room, to help organizations profit from workflows that integrate with the building information modelling (BIM) concept.

Presentations from the Product Room meeting in Tokyo 16 October 2012

Presentations from the Product Room Workshop in Oslo 20 March 2012

The Product Room, like the Process Room, will also focus on application and implementation of buildingSMART standards. It will focus primarily on the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (also known as International Framework for Dictionaries (IFD). How the Dictionary can be used to structure the data in models and libraries and how it works in conjunction with the IDM process modelling standard and IFC reference model standard will be a primary focus of the activities in the Room.

BIM is increasingly being used to optimize facility configuration, costs, energy consumption, constructability, environmental impact, maintenance, and operations management. buildingSMART is concentrating its efforts on implementing BIM through the use of open data standards, known generally as openBIM, contrasted with the currently common use of proprietary data formats during information exchange. buildingSMART sees the need to fully integrate business processes, the data they create and consume, and technology in order to obtain the full potential of BIM.

The increasing adoption of building information models in the industry has been largely inconsistent with varying results. It has been demonstrated in case studies and research projects that the full potential of BIM can only be achieved when process, content, technology, and management are involved in updating the BIM paradigm. Successful implementation of building information modelling must include all of the following:

BIM‐strategy supported by the top management, willingness and ability to share model based information, BIM supported processes with accompanying BIM‐manuals and agreements, exchange‐enabled BIM‐tools, virtual building component and reference data, and skilled employees. Less than successful implementations are generally missing one or more of these ingredients.

Building information modelling can be used by and benefit individual organizations but the greatest benefits are achieved when different organizations integrate their processes, procedures, and data to benefit from the use of shared digital models and exchange of model based information.

The Product Room supports and promotes:

  • Development of common information structures for the facility design and
    construction industry for the application of openBIM globally
  • The development, population and use of an open, shared content naming and
    structuring service based on the principles identified in ISO TC59 SC13
    12006‐2 Framework for Object‐oriented Information Exchange that relies on
    a system of Global Unique Identifiers (GUID) to explicitly name
  • Access to the entities, types and property sets of the IFC model for explicit
    reference, translation, management and extension of the IFC model by bSI
    chapters and other organizations and companies.
  • Access to a library of concepts and relationships for naming and structuring
    databases of content for BIM
  • Networking opportunities between organizations sharing a vision of a more
    efficient, productive and sustainable industry
  • Meeting of organizations across disciplines and borders
  • Assistance in forming and supporting projects that involve the organizing and
    structuring of digitized A/E/C/O industry information by both providers and
  • Developing requirements for information access and use by tool providers,
    such as software vendors/developers and information providers

The Product Room makes a distinction between the use (including language translation)
of existing Data Dictionary content, where databases and software products supporting
open standards can access and use content that is currently available, and content
creation projects where content has to be extended or new content developed.

The Product Room will coordinate the development of documentation and training
material that organizations implementing or developing content in the Dictionary can
use to access the API, apply names and relationships, utilize existing applications, and
establish consistent practices for applying the Dictionary to structure and exchange

In pursuit of these goals, buildingSMART Product Room will arrange biannual
international workshops where professionals can meet, share experiences, create
networks, and identify areas that need development. Through the Product Room
buildingSMART can participate in the development of projects in order to extend
existing standards, specify best practices, and assist organizations in transforming needs
into useful implemented solutions.

Roger Grant Roger
Product Room, project leader
Mail: RGrant(at)

Upcoming events
For a list of upcoming events please visit the buildingSMART International web site.