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by Jan Karlshøj last modified Mar 06, 2012 04:40 PM

buildingSMART Triangle ProcessesbuildingSMART processes (IDM´s) captures (and progressively integrates) business process whilst at the same time providing detailed specifications of the information that a user fulfilling a particular role would need to provide at a particular point within a project. To further support the user information exchange requirements specification, IDM also proposes a set of modular model functions that can be reused in the development of support for further user requirements.

The buildingSMART Process is an important tool for the users to communicate their needs to the software vendors. It allows users to get organized and describe their processes and needs in a standardized way. The software vendors can develop theirs applications to support those requirements. buildingSMART Process is also known as Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

More information on Information Delivery Manuals can be found here: Link

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