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IDM Roadmap

by Jan Karlshøj last modified May 22, 2012 01:33 AM
The IDM Roadmap was adopted by the International User Group in the Abu Dhabi April 2011.

Purpose of the Roadmap
  • Identify the most important exchange scenarios during a lifecycle of a facility that should be support by IDMs
  • Prioritise which IDMs that should be developed first
  • Stimulate development and implementation of the top prioritised IDMs
  • Attract sponsors to financially support the development of the top prioritised IDMs
  • The Roadmap focus on identifying the overall exchange scenarios.

The Roadmap is presented in a Matrix with stages according to ISO 29481-1:2010, Table A.1 project stages at the horizontal direction and Services in the vertical direction. There has been identified need for individual IDMs for each stage/phase.



Identified IDMs according to project stages


Prioritized Information Delivery Manuals

BuildingSMART is looking for organizations and sponsors that want to get involved in the development of the prioritized IDMs. By their participation they will be able to influence the outcome, include their company, national or regional requirements into the process in order to make the final result applicable for their own needs.

The list of prioritized Information Delivery Manuals is:

  • Performing Energy analysis in Outline feasibility Stage
  • Creation of Architectural, Structural, Electrical and HVAC BIM models in the Design phases
  • Perform Quantity Take-off and Cost analysis during Coordinated Design and Procurement Stage
  • Develop FM documentation during Coordinated Design and Procurement Stage
  • Perform Consistency Control during Coordinated Design and Procurement Stage


Invitation letter to active participation in development of the prioritized IDMs: Link


If you wish to get involved or are looking for more information please contact one of the following persons: Link

Presentation of the Roadmap (in Pdf): Link