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Methods and Guides

by kes last modified May 14, 2014 09:30 PM

IDM Methodology

The IDM Methodology presents the reasons for development of the Information Delivery Manual (IDM), describes its components, sets down an approach to be used in their development and provide useful information about how to create and use its various parts. It provides a complete reference that steps through the ideas and parts of the IDM including:

  • reasoning behind why the IDM was developed.
  • component structure of the IDM and why this structure meets the information exchange needs of users and solution providers.
  • vision, mission, goals of the IDM and the groups of people at which it is targeted.
  • overall architecture of the IDM that links the various components together in a coherent structure to support the information exchange needs of both users and building information system providers.
  • description of each of the IDM component types individually, identifying their purpose and content, how they should be created and how used.
  • guidance on IDM development processes
  • how to define and localize actor specifications.
  • project stages adopted for IDM and how they may be varied to reflect local usage and local naming.
  • naming rules used for various parts of IDM.


Download: An Integrated Process for Delivering IFC Based Data Exchange

Download: IDM Methodology - replaced by "An Integrated Process for Delivering IFC Based Data Exchange

Download: Quick Guide to BPMN

Danish IDM Guide in English. The IDM method guide is as an overall introduction without a detailed knowledge of each activity or element. The chapters, however, have guides to further reading in specific areas. The Method Guide is an English translation from Danish - please note that the links refer to English, Danish and Norwegian websites. Download