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IDM for Building Programming

by Jan Karlshøj last modified Feb 06, 2012 11:23 AM

Scope of Building Programming Information Delivery Manual

Building programming is the process of collecting all requirements the building must fulfill. By keeping the program (requirements) updated through the building planning, design and construction process, one can do valid checks between requirements and designed models at any time.

This IDM and process map defines building programming as a parallel activity running along with the design and construction activities. By doing this, we also separate project requirements from project solutions (“demand side vs. supply side”).

A major advantage of preserving programming as a separate process and updated through design and construction is the feedback to requirement from specifications during design if requirements can’t be met by solutions. If for instance required ventilation air flow rates can’t be met without violating required net room height below suspended ceilings, the need for a larger minimum gross storey height should be updated in the requirements so that the programming stage learns from design and gives a better program in the next project.


Documents for Building Programming Information Delivery Manual

The following documents are published as draft document (as of 5-Dec-2011). The documents are submitted to buildingSMART International for a review and acceptance process to be finally distributed as an buildingSMART International IDM.


Development team

The IDM for Building Programming has been developed by the following project team in 2010-11:

  • Statsbygg (client)
  • Nosyko (domain expert and software)
  • Olof Granlund (domain expert)
  • Univ. of Salford (advisor)
  • AEC3 (consultant, editor)

Schedule for further development

The draft documents shall undergo a three months public review process. The public review ends on 5-Mar-2012. Thereafter the documents will be updated to be the pre-final IDM and the copyright will be handed over to buildingSMART International.

All issues and comments should be entered into the buildingSMART Issue Database for the Information Delivery Manuals (select "IDM for Building Programming" as "Component" within the "New Issue" template). If you are new to the Issue Database, you have to register first.