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Development Process

by Jan Karlshøj last modified Jul 30, 2011 06:16 PM
Creation of an Information Delivery Manual is the first step in development process starting from identifying users' need to a useful solution is developed.

 Development Process

The development process starts with identifying user needs in Information Delivery Manuals, which are used to create an more technical specification called Model View Definition. The requirement specification is now used to implement a solution in software products that preferable should be certified before they are released for use.

Steps in development of an Information Delivery Manuals

  1. Identify high value and preferable repeatable business processes
  2. Check if an existing IDM can be used
  3. Before starting development of an IDM the involved parties shuold make sure that if a new IDM is developed it will be implemented in software products that are used by the parties.
  4. Collaborate as much as possible with other organisations that have a common interest in the same IDM.
  5. Verify that the IDM is working with real world data and projects.
  6. Continue the development process by develop a MVD
  7. Provide feedback loops to continually improve the IDM and the related software implementations.


Guideline to the Information Delivery Manual Methodology



More information on Model View Definition, Software Implementation and Software Certification can be founded here: Link