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Regional User Groups

by Jan Karlshøj last modified May 02, 2011 11:32 PM

It is the aim of the  Regional User Groups to promote and stimulate the use of buildingSMART deliverables in order to improve interoperability in the construction industry, and to share experiences among its members so as to achieve a balance between giving and taking.

All members of buildingSMART can join the Regional User Groups. A fee for participating in the groups can be collected by regional buildingSMART organizations. Typical members of the Regional User Group are organizations (private, public and academic), which are solely or mainly using buildingSMART deliverables in their activities, like using IFC for data exchange between IFC compatible software products.


Regional Contact Information

Chapter Contact person E-mail
Benelux Joost Wijnen
France Speaking
Daniel Said
German Speaking
Martin Egger
Yoshinobu Adachi
Middle East
Mark Baldwin
Stig Brinck (temporary)
buildingSMART Alliance
(North America)
Thomas Gay
Norway Steen Sunesen

Sample: The Norwegian User Groups 


 Regional User Group


 All the Norwegian user groups are domain centric. Members of the user groups can be non-members of buildingSMART Norway. Each domain user group appoints two delegates for the Multi Domain User Group. These delegates have to be members of buildingSMART Norway. The Multi Domain User Group appoints a delegate for the IUG.
The Multi Domain User Group works under the board of buildingSMART Norway which is the highest national buildingSMART authority between the annual meetings.