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About User Groups

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by Jan Karlshøj last modified Dec 05, 2012 12:03 AM
Organization of users and ways of communication

Users take control over the direction/development of technology

It might be the general conception that end users, and thus the buyer of software, controls the market by always choosing the best available software regardless of developer/vendor.

The next time you or your company set out to improve your professional software, would you search the market for all available options, compare all their functionalities, analyze ROI and study reviews from other users? Or, would you simply negotiate a fair price for an update to your present programs? If the latter, you are not alone and for a good reason. If you tried to do a serious analysis you would have to ask what good would new software do if it does not work together with the other software packages, can not read drawings from older projects, can not communicate with your business partners?

This is why we do not have a free choice when we purchase our software. And this limits free competition. It is not necessarily the best software that sells but the most dominant in the market. Purchase of software often depends more on dominating formats, existing competence and relationships with vendors than the functionality of the software.

However, there is a real choice. This is what buildingSMART is all about. We want the competition on the software market to be fee and controlled by the users. Free competition will increase the software industry focus on real user needs, enhancing efficiency and quality, for the general benefit of the building industry. Open formats such as the buildingSMART IFC Data Model will make the end-user less dependent on dominating proprietary formats. Different software can work together regardless of native formats.

In 2009 buildingSMART International established the International User Group (IUG). The IUG is a counterpart to the International Technical Management Committee (ITM).

 buildingSMART Organisation


  • In blue, the executive board and committee set out the strategic visions and goals and prioritize development.
  • In red, the technical committee develops and maintains the Data Model (IFC), the technical part of the Dictionary and support the implementers.
  • In green, the new user group defines the practitioners’ processes and needs as well as providing the business cases for the building industry.
    • UserCom:
      • Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen, No, Chairman
      • Jøns Sjøgren, No, Excom delegate
      • Steen Sunesen, No
      • Daniel Said, FR
      • Tom Gay, US
      • Dana Kennish "Deke" Smith, US
      • Roger Grant, US, IFD/bSDD/Product Room Leader
      • Jan Karlshøj, DK, IDM Coordinator/Process Room Leader